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Welcome to St.Agnes High School

St.Agnes High School takes it as challenge to develop a sense of discipline, hard work, dedication, responsibility, motivation, honesty and patriotism among the children. Thus school stands for Motivation, action, merit, talent & achievement.

The school culture encourages Students to innovate and take risks when developing new ideas and considering solutions to problems. In School, leadership is taught within the school’s curriculum as well as through a whole range of opportunities such as leading clubs and societies and sports teams. House life through the prefect system, also provides leadership and collaborative experience. Leadership is also developed through innovative and creative projects linked to the school’s social service programme to leading and participating in the numerous academic and other committees that exist to discuss topics that range from food to the library and games to technology.

Director's Word

Learning Is A never Ending Process and is something that broadens horizons, uncovers new areas of excellence and keeps the indvidual on a firm footing in the competitive world. While education is a process by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased and intellect is sharpenned by our School
- Indrani